Self service kiosks

Easy and fast automated payments 

Payment kiosks let customers make payments at times that are convenient for them. After automating this process, you will no longer have to worry about the staffing issues and costs associated with accepting in-person payments.

Improved customer service satisfaction 

Due to the ability to serve more customers in a shorter period and the ease of use payment kiosks help companies maintain a satisfied customer base. They give more information to customers about the offered products or services of the company, decreasing their stress when they can’t find the products or services they need. This improves customer satisfaction and at the same time helps to create a customer base that is knowledgeable.

Improved customer service satisfaction 

Due to the improved customer services and less long queues, more customers meet their customer satisfaction goals. This will not only raise customer loyalty but will also boost the sales by increasing the ability to serve more customers and effectively distribute the staff workflow. 

Faster payments

Payment kiosks give one the ability to accept all kinds of payments in today’s customer centric business environment. They are also designed for customers who prefer to use cash and card. Cash can be deposited into the kiosk via bill acceptors that quickly and accurately record the amount presented.

24/7 maintenance and support

Our team of professionals are available 24/7 to provide support to you whenever you need it. Any questions and concerns about the services or our activities will be solved promptly and in a due manner. Contact us for a solution consultation to see how our experience can help you launch your betting kiosk or sports betting terminal solution. We will design both hardware and software to meet your needs.



Self-service kiosks offer fully featured Betting Solutions, they allow users to place bets, get relevant information and promotions. Betting kiosks deliver 24/7 access for customers.

Self-service betting kiosks eliminate common customer frustrations, including:

-Long lines at peak, strategic hours

-Limited hours of operation with traditional sportsbooks

-Inconvenient locations

-Occasional transaction errors

Self-service kiosks innovation provides a full range of services. Sports betting kiosks can:

– Cash-in/ cash-out

– Accepting cash, winning tickets, and vouchers etc.

– Instant reporting

– Intuitive user interface/ experience

– Reduced operation costs

– Substantially increased revenues

Contact us for a solution consultation to see how our experience can help you launch your betting kiosk or sports betting terminal solution. We will design both hardware and software to meet your needs.


All under one roof 

Speed up the process

In our time-poor society, the faster we complete processes, the better we move into enjoyable pursuits. Self-service ticketing kiosks speed up all the routine practices decreasing delays and unhappy customers. What does this mean to your business? More processed transactions, hence, profitability.

Improve profitability

Companies that implement ticketing kiosks lower operational costs and decrease overheads. You can reallocate your staff to more complex tasks and optimize the workloads. That will lead to more efficiency and profitability of your business.

Larger sales footprint

Most ticket transactions are usually carried out online or at the venue. But have you ever imagined selling tickets to your hot events at other places where potential buyers could be enticed to attend the game, concert, or movie early? For instance, having your ticketing kiosks at malls popular with teenagers or restaurants where lovely couples dine before watching the latest blockbusters could be highly beneficial for your business.

Shorter waits

Waiting in line negatively affects the customer’s opinion about your business. Some of them may conclude that the company is run poorly and may not return to you after recalling the unpleasant experience they had in line. Via ticketing kiosks, your business will successfully manage customer service queues leaving your customers happy and satisfied with the purchase.

24/7 customer service

Ticketing kiosk accessibility makes good business sense. Via user-friendly and state-of-the-art ticketing solution, you’ll be able to boost more sales by accepting payments and dispensing tickets anytime, any day of the week. Moreover, you can drive revenue by increasing the number of distribution points in various locations.

Tracking and Fleet Management Solution

Vehicle tracking and usage control

You will be able to track and follow the location of the vehicle in real-time. The benefits of vehicle tracking are invaluable to anyone. By implementing the fleet tracking system, fleet managers get an unprecedented level of access and control to their fleet. This system is beneficial for both personal use and business. As a personal user, you’ll always be able to track the location and conditions of your vehicle. As a business owner, the vehicle tracking system will help you improve customer experience and gain more control over your business.

Real-time monitoring and data analysis 

The vehicle tracking system monitors the vehicle conditions, staff control, transport and cargo. The data received by the locator allows you to analyze the optimal route, the current conditions of the vehicle, possible delays and the driver’s competence. Real-time data will show you the details about the engine, total kilometres travelled, unauthorized use and the exact location of the vehicle.

Improved safety 

You will always be aware of the location of your vehicle. When the engine breaks down, or an emergency happens, fleet managers will be aware of it and can help the drivers tackle the problems faster. Moreover, the fleet management system also involves Geofence. The latter is a virtual geographic boundary that allows the software to trigger a response when the car/vehicle moves through a certain area. You’ll be notified with alerts and mapping data to help you identify whether the vehicle is being stolen and inform the authorities of its location for a quick recovery.

Lower operational costs

Locators enable you to identify the choices of inefficient routes, recommend route optimization, insure vehicles will no longer be used for unauthorized purposes by monitoring the work schedule and tasks in real time. The system will provide a clear readout of the hours that drivers claim to have worked.

Control over the workflow

As the system shows exactly where the drivers are all the time and records the work they are doing at that moment you can have a better distribution of the workflow and make better use of an employee’s time. As a result, you’ll save your time, drivers will perform their full potential at work and customers will get improved and safer services.


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