Financial Institutions

Transform your bank into digital branches

Connect with your customers 

Self-service kiosks provide automation for cash transactions and offer your customers convenient banking experiences for cashless transactions 24/7. Via these kiosks, customers can issue and print cards instantly, deposit cheques, open new banking accounts, transfer funds, etc.

Optimize customer flow between branches

Especially during COVID-19, optimising customer flow has become one of the most crucial options for healthcare and financial institutions. When you distribute customer flows, the risk of getting the virus decreases.

Reach customer service excellence

Before visiting a bank, your customers will be able to schedule their places in queues. As a result, they will be served without having to stay in long lines. That will lead to customer satisfaction.


Patient care with less wait time and anxiety

 More comfort to your patients and staff

With the help of our queue management system, you will reduce the wait time and anxiety of patients. Your staff will focus on providing quality care while your patients can check-in on their own using self-service kiosks by entering numbers, using ID verification or just swiping cards. 

Anxiety reduction

It’s not a secret that attending healthcare professionals is stressful for more patients. While waiting in queues, they start suffering more because of their illness and endless turns. Because of this stressful environment, staff and patient monitoring have become one of the most crucial parts of any healthcare agency. 

 Convenient booking 

With the help of self-service kiosks, patients can book appointments with medical services or doctors at their convenience. They can visit the doctor at their appointed time and tackle the problems of inefficient time management and long queues.

 Easy management

All your self-service kiosks are connected to a central command and control room. That makes the management of services easier to control. Besides that, self-service machines are easier to relocate.


Transform into a smart telecom store

Self-service machines 24/7

Telecom companies can transform to automated telecom stores to serve the customers 24/7 by installing self-service machines. The installation will allow you to increase sales by 30% and enhance your customer satisfaction.

A balance between technology and staff

Self-service kiosks will allow telecommunication companies to increase staff efficiency and optimize flow distribution. As some customers will be served by self-service machines, your staff will have more time at work and will be able to serve more customers than they usually do without automated machines.

Queue elimination

With our queue management solutions, your customer flow will be allocated between branches and departments increasing the speed of your provided services.

Purchase intent boost 

Besides informing customers about their turns, self-service machines may also display relevant content to reduce the wait time while increasing sales. With the help of kiosks, you can display promotional content or inform customers about your latest services and products.


Using customer’s information for marketing purposes

With the smart self-service kiosks, you’ll have information about your customers. That means you can upsell your services and products based on customer segment, preferences, and previous choices. 

Public services

Less stressful solutions for fellow citizens

Boosting citizen’s happiness 

Digital transformation will improve your services and increase the well-being of the citizens. It will save the citizens’ time and increase their satisfaction level with its modern technological solutions.


Virtual queuing

Your visitors can book appointments at the nearest service centre, find out the data/time of their arrival to the service centre and generate an e-ticket for the appointment. That will save visitors’ time and reduce crowds at your service centers.


Utility bills payment 

Self-service kiosks will allow your customers to pay utility bills, including phone, electricity, cable and water bills. Even though utilities have office locations where customers can pay the bills in person, they work in limited hours and inconvenient locations. Self-service kiosks are the best options for those who work during the day and lack transportation.


Collection of taxes and fines

As kiosks are available 24/7, councils can collect their payments around the clock. In council buildings, self-service kiosks are being utilized to collect fines and tax payments.


Civil registry procedures

This service includes online registration of births, requests for birth certificates, printing etc. Via self-service kiosks, citizens won’t have to stand in queues for hours and can easily manage their documents. 


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